December 24, 2008
Vitamin calories without nutrition is an important and necessary to the human body metabolism. Vitamins can not be produced by the human body, but from food daily. Special function as a vitamin is kofaktor (element adjuvant) for the reaction enzimatik.

Vitamins also play a role in various other body functions, including regeneration skin, vision, nerve system and the order of the body's immune system and blood coagulation.

Body requires a different amount for each vitamin. Everyone has different needs vitamins.

Children, the elderly, people suffering from diseases or pregnant women require a higher amount of some vitamins akan food in their day-to-day.

Vitamins are divided into two types: soluble vitamins in the fat (A, D, E and K) and the vitamins dissolved in water (B and C).

If the consumption of vitamin that dissolves in the excess fat, the benefits can be stored in the human body, while for vitamin that dissolves in water will be issued (ekskresi).

This makes the excess vitamin is dissolved in fat can sometimes cause symptoms of toxication in the rare vitamin that dissolves in water. Instead, defisiensi symptoms (lack of) occurred more frequently in the vitamin dissolves in water because the vitamin can not be stored in the body in the network.

Symptoms vary from level defisiensi small problems, such as headaches, skin problems or loss of appetite until the disease-a serious disease such as beri-beri is caused by a lack of vitamin B or scabious caused by lack of vitamin C in a long period of time. However the serious defisiensi found in developing countries. However, consumption of vitamin that is almost up to the optimum phase also occurred in some parts of the population group.

Vitamin found in many types of food, fruits, vegetables, cereals (grains), meat, fish and dairy products.