Table Manners

January 29, 2009
Table Manners are rules that must be done when dining together at the dining table.

Ethical food introduced by European nations, which is standard policy, especially when dining together at a formal event or events in the family eat together great.

Each state has a rule table that is different. However, there are some basic rules of ethics are in each meal, including:

* Eat with mouth closed while chewing food
* Talking with the volume low
* Cover mouth when coughing or sneezing
* Do not lean back in the back seat
* Do not cause a sound when chewing food
* Do not take food with cutlery
Do not ridicule or notify someone that he has a bad ethical eating
* Do not bersendekap on the table
* Always ask permission to the owner at the event will leave the table
* Do not stare at other people's eyes that he was eating
* Do not talk on the phone on the table. Request ijinlah when you truly need to answer the phone, and ask maaflah time.
* Do not cause a sound when eating soup
* Put the fork in the left and the right fork along the way 5 hours on the plate with a sharp knife into the face. This indicates that you have finished eating.
* Lap provided in the table may not be used
* Do not remove the snot rag hands. Lap prepared only for you to clean the dirty mouth when
* Do not take food from the plates of others and also do not ask
* Swallow all the food in the mouth before drinking
* Do not use your hands when you take the remaining food in the mouth, use a toothpick
* Try to taste all the food provided
* Offer to the next time you drink you will be pouring a glass to you
* Sisakan little food if you do not want to or not able to consume food
* Wait for a command to start eating foods that dihidangkan
* Adding spice after taste of food is considered abusive and contemptuous chef
* Except in restaurants, do not have to remove the rest of the food you eat unless the event is finished and should never do when invited to a formal event.
* Do not forget one thing the public, do not forget to always say 'please' and 'thank you' every time you ask for help.