January 18, 2009
Patients about kidney disease or those who have sensitive kidneys should be careful mengonsumsi food. Feed too many foods containing phosphorus can be dangerous and even fatal for people with kidney patients. However, the latest educational measures to help patients reduce the risk

Interference with the kidney patients secondary to severe difficulties have sekresi phosphorus chemicals that can disrupt the body. Phosphorus content in the blood increases, the risk of illness and even death. Patients with kidney disease are advised to limit Feed food, even the naturally, contains phosphor, such as meat, nail products, wheat, and nuts. But now, according to research, not too little substance aditive contains phosphorus which is often added in the process of food, including dishes.

This prohibition also applies 279 ESRD patients or end-stage renal disease, or end-stage renal disease have increased the phosphorus content of blood (greater than 5.5 milligram per deciliter (mg / dl).

Some 145 kidney disease patients examined by the research team of the United States (U.S.), signed in the first group, will receive an educational way to avoid substances aditive phosphorus when buying food in shops or wholesalers in the fast-food restaurants.