March 18, 2009
Although only a few are needed, iod large effect on the quality of someone's health. Not only causes goiter, but also make shrimp and foolish. In addition to salt iodium, eat seaweed and various fish.

One of the nutrition problems that are faced by the Indonesian people nowadays is lack of interference due iodium, usually abbreviated GAKI. Three kinds of strategies that have been made to reduce the number of GAKI are: (1) to give oil capsule supplements iodium in endemic areas, (2) program iod salt, and (3) diversification of food consumption iodium.

Program of beriodium supplement capsule is a program of short-term costs are very expensive, so may not apply nationally and sustainable. Program iodisasi salt that has been conducted by government since 1990, until now it has not been running well. About 20% of the population (approximately 40 million people) have no access to salt beriodium.

Have a period of decline has not been successful on GAKI problems with the program suplement capsule iodium and iod salt, felt the need to program the presence of other, more return. The program is through food-based approach, namely the diversification of food consumption has a naturally high iodium womb.

Iodium is a mineral essential nutrient elements, including even very small amounts in the body, which is only 0.00004% of body weight or about 15-23 mg. Iodium That is often referred to as the micro minerals or trace elements.