Brownies Tempe

May 27, 2009
Brownies with identical sodden bread.
Texture is hard is because there is no additional material or drugs such as developers, emulsifier, and so forth.
If the texture soft / hollow called ordinary Cake / Bread.
This is the difference between the Brownies Cake, a lot of unknown people.
If a visit to the city of Bandung, is now booming again the Brownies steam.
But, if to the city , we make Brownies Tempe.
What advantages / differences compared with the Tempe Brownies Brownies from wheat flour?
Tempe (fermented soybeans that have been), contains a high protein substance. Meanwhile, wheat flour contains substances glutelin / commonly referred to as gluten.
The Tempe Brownies we make, the way in the oven. The good, the water level is located in the Brownies can minimize so that more durable / mildew is not easy, compared with the steamed Brownies.