Diversification processing tempe

May 18, 2009
Tempe as food products have been well enough known by the people and communities outside indonesia. Tempe benefits in addition to the high nutrition womb, the womb bioaktif in the fermentation process from soybean tempe be very beneficial for health. Gynecology isoflavon nutritious as the anti oksidan compound that can prevent the growth of cancer cells, especially vitamin B1 vitamin is rarely found in vegetable products, the active compound to function as anti bacteria such as E-coli bacteria that cause diarhe cause food tempe to be superior

Diversification processing tempe will increase product diversity food made of tempe

Where the two products can be used as basic materials, namely flour tempe and pasta. Of two basic types of processing can be made various types of products that favored both children and adults. Products processed information from tempe flour and pasta, among others, Tempe: Tempe biscuits, a mix of food to children under five, pudding, jelly, biscuits, frozen foods like ice cream, and so forth.