Fried Tempe

May 22, 2009
Tempe found so easily in Indonesia, especially Java, with a relatively cheap price, making it more up-to-underestimate tempe. Image is down the food seemed to be 'cheap'. But in terms of nutrition tempe contains high protein. Therefore, in addition to know where to be an alternative source of animal protein, meat, poultry and fish.

No one called me to find where in the international culinary, I was before, as a vegetarian alternative to meat. And unlike in his country, outside of Indonesia where a product is' luxury ', difficult to get any more expensive price of meat.

Due to scarce and expensive, some even try to make a friend tempe own, I also had a couple of times. Is not difficult to make tempe. it is very hard to peel the skin on the soybean, which is used in Indonesia - said, I have never witnessed - is done with trample soybeans that have been boiled. Although tempe for a modern and large-scale, surely used parer soybean.

The best meal, I think, where only a few need to be fried with spices, garlic, coriander and salt. Served with a hot chili and rice warm. The second best, presented is fried tempe flour. Then cooked in a variety of recipes: Dry tempe, tempe green chili.