May 01, 2009
Rice is fascicle paddy which was separate from the chaff. Bran (Java merang) the anatomy is called 'palea' (that part is covered) and 'Lemma' (the cover). At one stage of processing rice harvest, crash unhulled rice with mortar or grinding so that the outside (skin unhulled rice) regardless of its content. The content of this is, white, reddish, purple or even black.

Rice dominated by starch (about 80-85%). Rice also contains protein, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Rice starch polymer composed of two carbohydrate:

* Amilosa, with the core structure does not diverge
* Amilopektin, starch with a fork structure and tended to be sticky

Cultivation of rice farming is done using the techniques of System Rice Intesification (SRI). In addition to natural and environmentally friendly (organic), the method has been able to increase the productivity of rice. By empowering local farmers, a good irrigation system, and "factory" in the location of the compost, making the production process of running well.