May 16, 2009
Tempe is a food made from the fermentation of soy beans or some other material that uses some type of kapang Rhizopus, such as Rhizopus oligosporus, RH. oryzae, RH. stolonifer (kapang bread), or RH. arrhizus. The fermentation is generally known as "yeast tempe". The yeast the growth in soybean hidrolisis compound-complex compound into simpler compound that is easily digested by humans. Tempe will fiber-rich foods, calcium, vitamin B and iron. Various tempe has the womb in the value of drugs, such as antibiotics to cure infections and disease preventative antioxidants degeneratif.

Gynecology nutrition which is in Tempe is very high. Tempe can meet the needs of most amino acids, such as tryptophan, threonin, isolusin, valin, and histidin. Tempe also contains vitamin B12 resulting from the activities of microbes in the fermentation process.

If we consumsion tempe every day, it can meet 62% of protein needed by the body, 35% riboflavin, 34% magnesium, mangan 108%, and 46% copper. In addition, where only 3.7 grams of saturated fat and less than 329 kilo calories.

Gynecology tempe nutritional value far better than regular soy. Gynecology free amino acids higher 24 times. Value of fiber, vitamin B complex, protein efficiency, value and free fatty acid is also better. That is where the role as a perfect source of protein for diabetics. Gynecology high fiber works to control blood sugar and prevent diarrhea in young children.


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