Takashi's Noodles

June 24, 2009
They say if you get just one great recipe from a cookbook, it is worth the price. In that case, let me tell you about Spicy Eggplant Ja-Ja-Men Udon. Chef Yakashi Takashi, owner of Takashi's in Chicago describes this dish as a Japanese version of spaghetti and bolognese sauce. It's basically a spicy eggplant and ground pork sauce over noodles with peppers, spicy notes and a creamy sauce that is enriched with sesame paste. The recipe has 18 ingredients but I skipped a few altogether and used substitutions for a couple more and can't imagine it made any discernible difference. I didn't bother with the 1/2 cup dashi, 1/3 cup canned bamboo shoots, teaspoon of cornstarch or 3 Tablespoons of sake. I used Chinese chili garlic paste instead of a Japanese variety and Chinese sesame paste instead of tahini. I had to buy exactly 2 ingredients to make the dish, green peppers and ground pork. I could eat this dish every week! It is so comforting and at the same time exciting. The recipes vary in the number of ingredients but are generally not that difficult. They are all Asian or Asian-influenced but not all Japanese. You'll find crispy noodles, chilled ramen and cold soba, curry shrimp rice noodles even potato gnocchi with lemon butter sauce, scallops and sea urchin. These are restaurant dishes adapted for cooking at home.

I was on a mission to try as many top-rated ramen joints as I could in Hawaii . While I'm still nowhere near satisfied with the ramen choices in San Francisco, I am pleased that on June 24th from 6:30 - 8:30 pm there will be a special program at the San Francisco Ferry Building called For the Love of Ramen sponsored by the Asian Culinary Forum. Andy Raskin, author of The Ramen King and I, Eric Nakamura, publisher and co-editor of the Asian-American pop culture magazine, Giant Robot and George Solt, assistant professor of history, New York University will be talking about ramen, a Japanese version of a Chinese noodle dish, with a history spanning the post World War II period all the way till today and including the instant version that has become so ubiquitous. There will be refreshments of course, and great conversation. As a side note, I've been to every Asian Culinary Forum event and they have all been very well-organized, good fun and offered plenty of food for thought.

Catering business

June 23, 2009
However small catering business that is done, the business must be taken seriously . This means the business must be place as a business that does not play and handle with a professional also.

Many things can be done to promote this business. Basically, each catering business already has these tips are generally the same. Such as how to market, pricing, menu or service.

For more details, described in more detail following these tips can be done by those who open a catering business.

1. Marketing
Determine the market or pick the ball. There is no one to make the brochure as a step in addition to the campaign efforts of mouth. It's good that they have some control this technology. Now its the era of the internet, everywhere people use the internet. No one suggested colleagues for their forward ad catering to colleagues the other.

2. Price
Usually, customers will prefer a catering business that set prices to compete. "If catering is to receive orders from mothers living in the housing complex, usually a little more choosy than the customer's office. To be more easily attract customers, set the price does not exceed the price of a standard portion of food in the surrounding area.

3. Menu
Menu make customers can not move is the catering menu options. People who subscribed office catering tend not too exacting in the matter. Origin of food is not stale and tasty, they will eat immediately. With different customers from among mothers. They are usually more careful of the type of food, menu, and hygienist. "Change the food as often as possible to avoid the boredom of the customer. By not forget the techniques of making a fixed observing the terms of hygiene during food processing. Do not be until the results of disappointing customers.

4. Taste
People will be reluctant to move if some already spoken with the appropriate catering customer. Although the menu changes, taste the food shall be fixed so that the customer does not feel that weird feeling in the tongue or changed. There is also a good idea, every catering the business along with the menu available at that time to attract more customers.

5. Services
This is also very important to continue to extend the age of the business and retain customers in order not to flee to some other. Catering business will not be looking at loss if many things. For example, the catering service catering to the home over the phone, try to answer the phone do not young children. Make this as a catering business seriously and professionally.

Catering foodservice

June 19, 2009
Catering is the business of providing foodservice at a remote site.

Many events require working with an entire theme or color scheme. A catering company or specialist is expected to know how to prepare food and to make it attractive. As such, certain catering companies have moved toward a full-service business model commonly associated with event planners. They take charge of not only food preparation but also decorations, such as table settings and lighting.

The trend is towards satisfying all the clients senses with food as a focal point. With the correct atmosphere, professional event caterers with experience can make an event special and memorable.

Beautifully prepared food alone can appeal to the senses of taste, smell, and sight - perhaps even touch, but the decorations and ambiance can play a significant part in a successfully catered event.

Catering is often sold on a per-person basis, meaning that there is a flat price for each additional person. However, things like lighting and fire permits are not scaled with the guest count, so per-person pricing is not always appropriate. It is necessary to keep the cost of the food and supplies below a price margin in order to make a profit on the catering.

As many others in the food service industry, caterers and their staff work long hours. It is not uncommon for them to work on holidays or 7 days a week during holiday event seasons.

A comprehensive, formal full-service catering proposal is likely to include the following elements:
* Time-line matters: rental arrival time, staff arrival time, bar open time, meal serve time, bar close time, rental pickup, out-of-venue time. Each of these factors affects the catering price.

For example, a rental quote for an "anytime" weekday delivery is usually much more economical than an "exact-time" delivery.

* General menu considerations: Clients may have specific dietary or religious needs to consider. these include Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan and food allergy requests. Increasingly, clients are interested in food sustainability and food safety.
* Hors d'oeuvres: it should be clear if these are passed or stationary. Most caterers agree that three or four passed items are appropriate for the one-hour period prior to a meal.
* Meal Rentals: May include tables, chairs, dance floor, plants, tabletop (china, flatware, glassware, linens, chargers), bar glassware, serving equipment, salt/peppers, etc. It should be clear whether table and chair setup and take-down is included. Most rental companies do not automatically include setup and take-down in the rental charges.
* Labor: Verbiage varies from caterer to caterer, but generally speaking, an event will have a Lead/Captain/Event Manager, a Chef, perhaps a Sous Chef or Kitchen Assistant, Wait staff and Bartenders. The labor on a plated dinner is generally much higher than the labor on a buffet, because a plated dinner involves double the china, and usually a minimum of three served courses, plus served coffee. Simply put, there's a lot more to do. To do it properly requires roughly 10 to 50% more staff. On a large event, this can be substantial, especially if overtime or doubletime applies.
* Service Charge: Sales TaxSome quotes will include lighting, fire permits, draping, florals, valet and coat check.Many venues discreetly get a "cut" of the catering bill. Caterers are contractually committed to not disclose this fee specifically in their contracts with the clients. Therefore, catering will sometimes cost substantially more at one venue versus another.Also, caterers must compete with illegal operators. A legitimate caterer will have a business license and a health permit both showing the address of the place from which they do business.


June 18, 2009
Zahra Catering

Kami melayani pesanan untuk rapat,syukuran,kampanye pilpres 2009,dll... ,yaitu;

1.nasi kotak / BOX (mulai Rp.7000)
2.nasi tumpeng (mulai Rp.200 Rb)
3.nasi bungkus (mulai Rp.3000)

Pemesanan tanpa minimum order.

Harga terserah pemesan.


FOOD LIST useful goal. BLOOD O. Here is a list of some foods that are very useful for those who have blood type O: Meat and poultry: lamb, buffalo, deer, beef, liver, heart. Did you know that your consumption of foods that can act as a medicine when you consumsp appropriately. - Reduce inflammation and pain immediately ginger consumption - headache, eat FISH.

Food has a color function

June 15, 2009
In Japan recently published a book of recipes written by the author of Japanese origin. Asserts that its food has a color function solace atmosphere (feeling), to improve the function of energy. According to the Japan Economic News a few days ago, that this book side dish to share with the color red, pink, orange, green and 10 other types of color. Described one by one property from a variety of food colors, food color of the type of how to match our mood, and recipes in the book is also accompanied by a description how to cook.

Red. Can stimulate blood circulation, stimulating, encouraging the efforts of all thoughts. Foods that are appropriate in the tomatoes, beef, pork liver, red chili, strawberi and apples.

Pink. Symbolizes the love and personality of women. When we want to feel the love, warmth and a soft, pink side dish has a positive property. The appropriate food among the fruit of peaches, red wine and pork.

Orange. Is a color that can stimulate the appetite. This color can stir the spirit susana careful when we are feeling anxious or bleak. The appropriate food among citrus fruit, mango, carrot, onion and mussel (mussel).

Yellow. Can stimulate nerves and generate energy. Very helpful in terms of focus and concentration increase passion to learn, especially suitable for breakfast and rice color box. The appropriate food among potatoes, corn, bananas and yellow.

Green. Useful to stabilize and reduce the emotional suspense. Use increased if consumed together with other food color. Food in the appropriate bo cai them (such as vegetables like spinach), cabbage and olive oil.

White. Have a very strong energy, can help inspire creativity or thinking positive. Food among the appropriate pecai (white mustard greens), radish, know, rice, sour cream.

Black. Maintain physical and spiritual, to make people calm and confidence. Food among the appropriate water, the type of mushroom, black sesame and wheat.

Fish meatball

June 11, 2009
Raw Material
Terms of raw material (fish) is the most important. The fresh fish is used, the better the quality of the resulting meatball. Various species of fish used to make a meatball, especially fish and have a thick beefy power elasticity, such as tenggiri, kakap, shark, yellow tail, and others. In addition to the raw material from fresh fish, meat ball can also be made from products that have been half so that is known by the name Suzimi (pulverized fish meat).

B. Additional material
Additional material making meatball is tapioca flour and spices with the composition as follows:
- Tapioca 10 - 15%
- Salt 2 - 3%
- Pepper 0.5%
- Garlic 2%
- Seasoning cooked 0.75% (if preferred)

C. Making way
1. If you use raw materials from the fresh fish, meat should be a separation of bone and bone-prickly touch with the way aft on the back to split.
2. Take the meat with a spoon
3. Clean the debris from the meat of the components that are not in want (skin, bones and spine)
4. Saline solution (brine) with a comparison between the cold water, ice and fish is 4: 1: 1 and the salt concentration of 0.2 - 0.3%
5. Flesh of fish debris in the solution for 15 minutes while stirred slosh
6. Dispose arise if the fat on the surface light
7. Make using gauze
8. Make the process of soaking in as much as 2 - 3 times
9. Meat fish with a in lumping or using the meat grinder while given the salt (2 - 3%)
10. spices to the meat while pulverized and enter tapioca little by little
11. Poke the dough until homogeneous and is not sticky in the hands of
12. To improve the elasticity can be given one egg white grains for every 1 kg of dough
13. Do the printing with the ball make a small-ball with the dough is placed on the palm, fist, and then pressed so that the ball will exit from the meatball-ball between the finger and index finger
14. Soccer-ball out of the meatball clench it was with a little trim, and spoon
15. Enter into the warm water (temperature + 40 C) leave for 20 minutes
16. Boil in boiling water until the meat ball float has been marked as mature
17. Lift the meat ball that has been cooked and enter into the cold water (ice water) + 15 mins
18. Lift .

Meatball in fried

June 10, 2009
150 g chicken mince
150 g beef mince
1 yellow egg
1 tbsp wheat flour

½ tsp nutmeg powder
½ tsp pepper powder
1 tbsp garlic fries
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp salt
Dye, poke average:
2 tbsp rice flour
75 ml water
½ tsp salt

How to create:
Chicken, beef, yellow, egg, wheat flour
to the average.

The form of a ball of dough-ball meatball.

Heat oil in frying pan a lot on the fire are.

Fried soccer-ball in the dye mix, fry in hot oil until
brown yellow. Lift it.

Meatball Bakwan Malang

June 08, 2009
How to Make a meatball Material:

500 gr beef mince
125 gr sago flour (can substitute tapioca )
50 gr maize
2 pcs eggs
5 pcs red onion, thinly sliced
3 pcs garlic, sliced thin
1 tsp beef stock
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 tbsp oyster
1 tsp pepper
2 tsp salt

Material complement:

1 pack of skin pangsit (wonton skin)
10 pcs in white
yellow wet noodles, with boiling water
3 pcs spring onion, finely sliced
condiment bottles / chili stew
sweet soy sauce, salty soy sauce, vinegar

How to create:

. Blender until finely chopped meat
. Fried onion and garlic, into farce
. Add eggs, until smooth
. Enter the pepper and salt, add sesame oil, oyster sauce to the
. Stirer flat hand (that being perfect use disposable glove
to squash flavor)
. Add sago flour (or tapioca) and maize in the dough
meat intervention average
. Taste to suit the taste
. For the dough into 2 in a separate container
. Heat water in a saucepan until boiling stew
. The flesh becomes bulatan2 meatball, and into a pot containing
boiling water
. Lift the meat ball is light, you can do to the rest of the dough out

How to Make Pangsit and Content:

. For two to flesh out the dough and fill pangsit

. 1 Take the fruit skin pangsit, the form of finger left hand
form the letter O, 1 put the fruits on the skin pangsit
orbicular hand, fill the dough with the meat, with the press
small spoon until meat in hand
ago edge of the skin pangsit to beautiful, steam
to mature

. Take 1 part 2 pcs know . If you know life
a huge piece to the first kotak2 such as
size do we want cut diagonally ago.
I use a knife tip taper, shape
box on the diagonal line in meat and un -
to have a little hole to put the meat. Place
holes in the meat to the steam until cooked

. If pangsit is cooked, lift, fry until brown in oil
that many

Meatball sauce ingredients:

3 pcs garlic
1 tsp coriander
1 tsp pepper
500 gr soupbone

Make meatball sauce:

. Fried fragrant spices until smooth, then add water a little more
. If you enter the water already boiling soup bones, boiled for 30 - 45
. If the sauce is reduced slightly half add more water until the appropriate
. Enter a meatball in gravy
. Cook until the sauce boil, it seems to fit
. Presented with a ready complement other.

Meatball Baso

June 06, 2009
I always find out how to make meatball Baso that it seems like a sale, yesterday I found a small cheap book entitled "The Alternative of formalin in food products" there are ways to make Baso, was I do not know what to crushing ice in the flesh .. there are sizable and the result was quite solid porus, but I do not use the materials , taste was not so elastic as Baso .. try to make with this recipe.

Bakso Meatball

June 05, 2009
350 gr of fresh beef
50 gr sago flour
100 cc of water ice
1 egg
4 cloves garlic
1 / 2 tsp pepper
3 tsp salt

2 liters of water
600 gr knee cattle / beef bones
6 cloves garlic
1 / 2 tsp pepper
Stem leaves 2 onions, sliced
3 tsp salt

10 sheets skin, fried
150 gr mi wet yellow
10 know fried, oblique, a little hack
Fried onion
Chili sauce boiled

1. Create a meatball: garlic, pepper, and salt. Crash meat until smooth. Mixed with sago flour, fine flavor, eggs, and
ice water. Poke while average rock. Take 1 / 3 of dough out to the fields.
2. Boil water, turn off ago. Create a sphere meatball two, one large and one small into water in the stew. Make up.
3. Cooking bakso to soar again, lift.
4. 1 / 3 of dough to put out meatball. Steam briefly.
5. Make sauce: garlic, pepper, and salt. Boil water, bum
bu, and the bones, cook until boiling, filtered. spring onion, lift.
6. Prepare bowls, governance noodles, meatball, and know. spring onion, onion and fries. Serve with boiled and fried.

For: 6 portions

Milk fermentation

June 02, 2009
When this fermentation milk already popular in the community. Various trademarks appear much, either came from overseas and domestic. One of the milk fermentation that is known by knowledgeable society is yoghurt. This product even has the start produced by small entrepreneurs with the means and equipment that is quite simple.

Milk fermentation indeed has some advantages and savor the good for the body. With the fermentation process will produce different types of acid laktat to the body. In addition laktosa in the milk compound has been described to be a more simple, so that is not capable excression laktosa (lactose intolerance) can still enjoy the milk. As we know that some people because a certain deviation in the food system excression can not crash laktosa. So that patients will experience diarrhea if drink milk.

Milk fermentation is done by adding a starter of some form of bacteria that can produce acid laktat. Because the bacteria are usually classified into laktat acid bacteria. This is the type of bacteria that will determine the nature and the fermentation milk caracter produced. For example, certain bacteria will produce acid laktat, while other bacteria that produce a certain flavor, and there is also a result of alcohol.

Drink milk fermentation has actually grown since days of old. With progress in the field of fermentation technology, this product continues to grow in accordance with the wishes and tastes, also increased. Milk change the nature of fermentation can be done to modify the type and amount of bacteria added as starter. Because the type of bacteria that is in the nature very much, the milk fermentation and then developing a lot of type.

Actually in the first fermentation milk does not contain alcohol. Bacteria that produce acid only added laktat-acid and other acids which have a characteristic taste and aroma. This is usually referred to as yoghurt. The bacteria is added to the making of yoghurt are Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. The two are synergistic bacteria decompose protein and laktosa milk into amino acids, formiat acid and acid laktat that produce the taste and special aroma. In addition, the nutrition component of decomposition is also able to increase the nutrient value of milk, because it is easily digested and absorbed the body.

Along with the human desire to continue to grow, and finally they try to develop bacteria-bacteria that produce a sense for the other also. From there milk finally found the alcoholic fermentation, resulting in a sense that is preferred, although it is not lawful.

Some milk the alcoholic fermentation are koumiss and kefir. Kefir is a susu alcoholic fermentation of 0.5% - 1%. The bacteria that cause terbentuknya alcohol is Sacharomycfes kefir and Torula kefir. On koumiss, womb alcohol is higher again. This product contains alcohol as much as 1% - 2.5%. Microbes that cause the emergence and added alcohol is Torulla colmic.