Catering business

June 23, 2009
However small catering business that is done, the business must be taken seriously . This means the business must be place as a business that does not play and handle with a professional also.

Many things can be done to promote this business. Basically, each catering business already has these tips are generally the same. Such as how to market, pricing, menu or service.

For more details, described in more detail following these tips can be done by those who open a catering business.

1. Marketing
Determine the market or pick the ball. There is no one to make the brochure as a step in addition to the campaign efforts of mouth. It's good that they have some control this technology. Now its the era of the internet, everywhere people use the internet. No one suggested colleagues for their forward ad catering to colleagues the other.

2. Price
Usually, customers will prefer a catering business that set prices to compete. "If catering is to receive orders from mothers living in the housing complex, usually a little more choosy than the customer's office. To be more easily attract customers, set the price does not exceed the price of a standard portion of food in the surrounding area.

3. Menu
Menu make customers can not move is the catering menu options. People who subscribed office catering tend not too exacting in the matter. Origin of food is not stale and tasty, they will eat immediately. With different customers from among mothers. They are usually more careful of the type of food, menu, and hygienist. "Change the food as often as possible to avoid the boredom of the customer. By not forget the techniques of making a fixed observing the terms of hygiene during food processing. Do not be until the results of disappointing customers.

4. Taste
People will be reluctant to move if some already spoken with the appropriate catering customer. Although the menu changes, taste the food shall be fixed so that the customer does not feel that weird feeling in the tongue or changed. There is also a good idea, every catering the business along with the menu available at that time to attract more customers.

5. Services
This is also very important to continue to extend the age of the business and retain customers in order not to flee to some other. Catering business will not be looking at loss if many things. For example, the catering service catering to the home over the phone, try to answer the phone do not young children. Make this as a catering business seriously and professionally.