Fish meatball

June 11, 2009
Raw Material
Terms of raw material (fish) is the most important. The fresh fish is used, the better the quality of the resulting meatball. Various species of fish used to make a meatball, especially fish and have a thick beefy power elasticity, such as tenggiri, kakap, shark, yellow tail, and others. In addition to the raw material from fresh fish, meat ball can also be made from products that have been half so that is known by the name Suzimi (pulverized fish meat).

B. Additional material
Additional material making meatball is tapioca flour and spices with the composition as follows:
- Tapioca 10 - 15%
- Salt 2 - 3%
- Pepper 0.5%
- Garlic 2%
- Seasoning cooked 0.75% (if preferred)

C. Making way
1. If you use raw materials from the fresh fish, meat should be a separation of bone and bone-prickly touch with the way aft on the back to split.
2. Take the meat with a spoon
3. Clean the debris from the meat of the components that are not in want (skin, bones and spine)
4. Saline solution (brine) with a comparison between the cold water, ice and fish is 4: 1: 1 and the salt concentration of 0.2 - 0.3%
5. Flesh of fish debris in the solution for 15 minutes while stirred slosh
6. Dispose arise if the fat on the surface light
7. Make using gauze
8. Make the process of soaking in as much as 2 - 3 times
9. Meat fish with a in lumping or using the meat grinder while given the salt (2 - 3%)
10. spices to the meat while pulverized and enter tapioca little by little
11. Poke the dough until homogeneous and is not sticky in the hands of
12. To improve the elasticity can be given one egg white grains for every 1 kg of dough
13. Do the printing with the ball make a small-ball with the dough is placed on the palm, fist, and then pressed so that the ball will exit from the meatball-ball between the finger and index finger
14. Soccer-ball out of the meatball clench it was with a little trim, and spoon
15. Enter into the warm water (temperature + 40 C) leave for 20 minutes
16. Boil in boiling water until the meat ball float has been marked as mature
17. Lift the meat ball that has been cooked and enter into the cold water (ice water) + 15 mins
18. Lift .