Food has a color function

June 15, 2009
In Japan recently published a book of recipes written by the author of Japanese origin. Asserts that its food has a color function solace atmosphere (feeling), to improve the function of energy. According to the Japan Economic News a few days ago, that this book side dish to share with the color red, pink, orange, green and 10 other types of color. Described one by one property from a variety of food colors, food color of the type of how to match our mood, and recipes in the book is also accompanied by a description how to cook.

Red. Can stimulate blood circulation, stimulating, encouraging the efforts of all thoughts. Foods that are appropriate in the tomatoes, beef, pork liver, red chili, strawberi and apples.

Pink. Symbolizes the love and personality of women. When we want to feel the love, warmth and a soft, pink side dish has a positive property. The appropriate food among the fruit of peaches, red wine and pork.

Orange. Is a color that can stimulate the appetite. This color can stir the spirit susana careful when we are feeling anxious or bleak. The appropriate food among citrus fruit, mango, carrot, onion and mussel (mussel).

Yellow. Can stimulate nerves and generate energy. Very helpful in terms of focus and concentration increase passion to learn, especially suitable for breakfast and rice color box. The appropriate food among potatoes, corn, bananas and yellow.

Green. Useful to stabilize and reduce the emotional suspense. Use increased if consumed together with other food color. Food in the appropriate bo cai them (such as vegetables like spinach), cabbage and olive oil.

White. Have a very strong energy, can help inspire creativity or thinking positive. Food among the appropriate pecai (white mustard greens), radish, know, rice, sour cream.

Black. Maintain physical and spiritual, to make people calm and confidence. Food among the appropriate water, the type of mushroom, black sesame and wheat.