Milk fermentation

June 02, 2009
When this fermentation milk already popular in the community. Various trademarks appear much, either came from overseas and domestic. One of the milk fermentation that is known by knowledgeable society is yoghurt. This product even has the start produced by small entrepreneurs with the means and equipment that is quite simple.

Milk fermentation indeed has some advantages and savor the good for the body. With the fermentation process will produce different types of acid laktat to the body. In addition laktosa in the milk compound has been described to be a more simple, so that is not capable excression laktosa (lactose intolerance) can still enjoy the milk. As we know that some people because a certain deviation in the food system excression can not crash laktosa. So that patients will experience diarrhea if drink milk.

Milk fermentation is done by adding a starter of some form of bacteria that can produce acid laktat. Because the bacteria are usually classified into laktat acid bacteria. This is the type of bacteria that will determine the nature and the fermentation milk caracter produced. For example, certain bacteria will produce acid laktat, while other bacteria that produce a certain flavor, and there is also a result of alcohol.

Drink milk fermentation has actually grown since days of old. With progress in the field of fermentation technology, this product continues to grow in accordance with the wishes and tastes, also increased. Milk change the nature of fermentation can be done to modify the type and amount of bacteria added as starter. Because the type of bacteria that is in the nature very much, the milk fermentation and then developing a lot of type.

Actually in the first fermentation milk does not contain alcohol. Bacteria that produce acid only added laktat-acid and other acids which have a characteristic taste and aroma. This is usually referred to as yoghurt. The bacteria is added to the making of yoghurt are Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. The two are synergistic bacteria decompose protein and laktosa milk into amino acids, formiat acid and acid laktat that produce the taste and special aroma. In addition, the nutrition component of decomposition is also able to increase the nutrient value of milk, because it is easily digested and absorbed the body.

Along with the human desire to continue to grow, and finally they try to develop bacteria-bacteria that produce a sense for the other also. From there milk finally found the alcoholic fermentation, resulting in a sense that is preferred, although it is not lawful.

Some milk the alcoholic fermentation are koumiss and kefir. Kefir is a susu alcoholic fermentation of 0.5% - 1%. The bacteria that cause terbentuknya alcohol is Sacharomycfes kefir and Torula kefir. On koumiss, womb alcohol is higher again. This product contains alcohol as much as 1% - 2.5%. Microbes that cause the emergence and added alcohol is Torulla colmic.