Bekatul and tempe

July 27, 2009
Bekatul that can be studied flour, eventually processed into cakes and dried brownis. Water to be taken carrot mixture to make Carrot Boy, carrot bread. Carrot pulp is not removed, but made of materials carrot cake. Tempe then mixed the dough of eggs, sausage and be tempe.

The price is cheap gala. Brownis bekatul dibanderol Rp 15,000, and zwieback bekatul Rp 30,000 per toples. Carrot boy removed Rp 2500 per seed, while the sausage Tempe only Rp 2,000 per piece. Hm, so by-match by a healthy, tasty, and inexpensive.

The plume is, brownis bekatul and zwieback bekatul of them, Students in the National Science Week, University of Brawijaya in Malang, 21-25 July future. Outlet Healthy become part of the 270 team (proposal) that passes to the race for the event, of a total of 12,600 proposals.

"Bekatul we want to lift as if I always identical as fodder. The bread can be so contrived that tasty. Bekatul contain vitamin B complex. It is also a high uterus carrot vitamin A, and where the protein-rich," said Maula Paramitha, members Outlet Healthy, Thursday (16 / 7).

Cakes and bread made Outlet Healthy, while this new sale in the canteen at the Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology UGM, and included in various exhibitions. Because of time limitations, they can make a limited number of, and based the order. Despite that, is terrible, products made in young people, all are in the process patented by the Department of Justice.