July 31, 2009
Fish is a food source of animal protein that is easy to get us. In addition to cheap prices, we get fish easily in many places. As a side dish the day-to-day, regular consumption of fish with the first processed and cooked in a way that is quite simple, such as baked, steamed, fried, or as a mixture of vegetable, and others.

Benefits of consuming fish:
# Fish calori is low, it is selected as the ideal menu for those who always keep the body weight.
# Fish cholesterol is low. All types of fish suitable chosen as a low cholesterol menu.
# Fish digestible. This is an important consideration for those who experience difficulty in digestion.
# Of fish rich in oxygen-vitamin important for the body.
# Processed fish is easy. Time does not cook for too long, up to a lot of nutrition is not lost.