Food additive

July 09, 2009
Aditif food or food additive does all chemicals included in foods in order to improve the quality, comfort, unique food, and others. Use aditif food has been used since the times of our forefathers. Aditif food materials have two food materials aditif natural or synthetic and artificial.

Material aditif also can make it if not used according to dose, especially aditif synthetic material or synthetic. Diseases that arise in the normal period of time long after the use of a material is aditif cancer, kidney damage, and others. Therefore the government use of aditif food strict and also prohibits using material aditif if certain foods can a dangerous health problem. The government also implemented a variety of research to find materials aditif food that is safe and cheap.

* MSG as a brace and also taste the food to flavor food. MSG is a substance made aditif food, while the natural flowers are clove.

* Gom Arab aditif material is natural to use emulsi oil and water that can be united.

* Salt alginat and glycerol adtif made marupakan material that is used to stabilize and condense a food can make food Texturized soft and flat.