Ramadhan and Food

August 28, 2009
Ramadan (Arabic: رمضان‎, pronounced: /rɑmɑd̪ˤɑːn/) (also written Ramazan, Ramzan, Ramadhan, Ramdan, Ramadaan) is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, and indulging in anything that is in excess or ill-natured; from dawn until sunset [1] Fasting is meant to teach the Muslim patience, modesty and spirituality. Ramaḍān is a time for Muslims to fast for the sake of God (Arabic: الله‎, Allāh), and to offer more prayer than usual. During Ramaḍān, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds. As compared to solar calendar, the dates of Ramadan vary, moving forward about ten days each year. Ramadhan was the month in which the first verses of the Qur'an were revealed[Qur'an 2:185] to the Prophet Muhammad.

The name "Ramaḍāma" had been the name of the ninth month in the Arab world long before the arrival of Islam; the word itself derived from an Arabic root rmḍ, as in words like "ramiḍa" or "ar-ramaḍ" denoting intense heat, scorched ground and shortness of rations. In the Qu'ran, God proclaims that "fasting has been written down (as obligatory) upon you, as it was upon those before you". According to the earliest hadith, this refers to the Jewish practice of fasting on Yom Kippur.

The most prominent event of this month is fasting. Every day during the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world get up before dawn to eat Sahur, the pre-dawn meal, then they perform the fajr prayer. They have to stop eating and drinking before the call for prayer starts until the fourth prayer of the day, Maghrib. Muslims may continue to eat and drink after the sun has set until the next morning's fajr prayer call. Then the process starts all over.

Ramadan is a time of reflecting and worshipping God. Muslims are expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam and to avoid obscene and irreligious sights and sounds. Sexual thoughts and activities during fasting hours are also forbidden.[Qur'an 2:187] Purity of both thoughts and actions is important. The fast is intended to be an exacting act of deep personal worship in which Muslims seek a raised awareness of closeness to God.
Fanoos Ramadan, Cairo
Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey in Ramaḍān (the writing with lights called mahya)

The act of fasting is said to redirect the heart away from worldly activities, its purpose being to cleanse the inner soul and free it from harm. It also allows Muslims to practice self-discipline, self-control , sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less fortunate; thus encouraging actions of generosity and charity. However, a certain level of self-control can be lost by those who suffer from eating disorders.

Food Fasting Menu

August 26, 2009
For starters always give first warm tea, dates, and sweet snacks. After that just serve the main menu.

Hopefully helpful. Happy fasting.

Warm + Tea Olive
Cantaloupe Ice
Kolak Pisang
Shrimp Tofu Soup
Egg Roll Dadar
Tempe Garit
Sambal Plow

Warm + Tea Olive
Fruit Cocktail
Porridge Grendul
Salted Fish Stir-fry Cucumber
Pepes Tahu Shrimp
Taro balls

Warm + Tea Olive
Melon Ice
Talas Kolak Pisang
Woku Tuna
Fried Oncom Spice

Warm + Tea Olive
Ice Lemon Tea
Brongkong Classic
Bami Acar
Meat Enibeni

Warm + Tea Olive
Ice Bepangga
Plecing Kangkung
Ayam Goreng Dapoer Ciragil
Sambal plow

Warm + Tea Olive
Kopyor es fro
Gesing tendril
Sambal Goreng Krecek
Tofu Shrimp Bake
Eggs Pindang

Warm + Tea Olive
Kopyor Ice Fantasy
Sweet Mud cakes Cheese
Satai Ikan Patin
Egg Bumbu Bali

Fasting and Food

August 21, 2009
Fasting is part of the faith life of religions old and new all over the world. In a fast, the believer chooses, for a set time, to do without something that is hard to do without. This is done so it does not come between the believer and God, so it cannot act as a god over that relationship and over the life of the believer.

Usually, the fast is to do without food. Food is one of the great blessings of God in our lives, a true pleasure and a true necessity. But humans tend to be gluttons; we want to eat more. Our hunger can compel us, force our hand, occupy our thoughts. When we have anything in our lives that we don't or can't say no to, then it is lording over us. But God is in control. If something else takes up God's place in our lives, it is an idol, and we are living in something akin to idolatry. Fasting helps to bring it back into enough control for us to surrender it to God so it can be returned to its rightful place in life. Food is the foremost example of such a thing.

You can fast from some foods, and not others. You can fast from watching television, having sex, and buying pleasure items, even from buying ordinary stuff. You can fast from hobbies you crave, places you are unhealthily drawn to, music, books, news, and movies. You might even find it necessary to be fasting from use of the Internet -- though please don't start until you're done using this site. :) If you can be described as a 'junkie', 'freak', or 'fanatic' about something, that's a good thing to fast from. For most people in North America, and the upper classes all over the earth, the most important fasting may be to fast from being a consumer of goods, for our role as a consumer consumes us spiritually. For Catholics, fasting for Lent is one of the most enduring hallmarks of their tradition.

Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, is special to millions of Muslims worldwide as a holy period dedicated to fasting, self-purification, and spiritual attainment. Every year the world’s Muslims redesign their life to focus on the goals of Ramadan: A whole-body awareness of God and a humble thankfulness for whatever blessings He has granted.

Muslims follow dietary laws that are similar to Jewish kosher regulations. Foods that Muslims can eat are called Halal. Prohibited foods are called Haram and questionable foods are called Mashbooh. Swine and pork products, as well as meat not properly slaughtered or slaughtered in any name other than Allah are Haram. Carnivorous animals and birds or prey are also Haram. Haram animals include pig, dog, donkey, carnivores, monkeys, cats, lions, frogs, crocodiles, turtles, worms, flies, cockroaches, owls, and eagles. Alcohol, coffee, tea and other drugs are Haram. Halal foods that have become contaminated by contact with prohibited foods are also Haram.

Fasting is also important. Fasting is a way to earn the approval of Allah, wipe out previous sins and understand the suffering of the poor. Fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan and voluntary fasting on Mondays and Thursdays is also common. Muslims are encouraged to only eat to two thirds of capacity.

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan, in which Muslims fast from just before sunrise to sunset each day, is upon us again. This year it begins in mid-November. Special issues that may arise in a pharmacy during Ramadan include providing advice on appropriate diet and on medical compliance among the Muslim population. In this article, I provide a personal perspective of why Muslims fast and, as a Muslim pharmacist, what advice I consider may be appropriate for fasting customers both healthy and those on medication, such as diabetic patients

The observance of fasting during Ramadan constitutes one of the five pillars of Islam. The experience of fasting is intended to teach Muslims self-discipline and self-restraint, and understand a little of the plight of the less privileged (e.g., the hungry, thirsty and the poor). Furthermore, Ramadan fasting is not just about disciplining the body to refrain from eating and drinking from predawn until sunset but is also about exerting control over the mind. This involves restraining anger, doing good deeds, exercising personal discipline, and preparing oneself to serve as a good Muslim and a good person. Ramadan is a month of peace and love in which individuals are encouraged to bury differences, to forget and forgive and to renew both human and spiritual relationships. Therefore, it contributes to the overall principle of making the individual more humane, more considerate and generally a more responsible member of society. In this way, the month of Ramadan ultimately benefits society not just the individual. It does this, in part, by setting a standard for behaviour not only in this month but during the rest of the year and, indeed, every year of a Muslim's life. These principal tenets of Ramadan are important when considering our intentions and subsequent actions during this spiritual month, including those pertaining to the health of the individual.

Fasting during Ramadan is prescribed for every healthy, adult Muslim whereas the weak, the sick, children, travellers and menstruating women are among those exempt. Muslims observing the fast are required to abstain not only from eating food and drinking water but also from consuming oral medicines and injecting intravenous nutritional fluids. However, not all Muslims who are ill seek this exemption and insist on fasting in any case. Fasting by Muslims during illness can cause problems if not supervised by health professionals. However, health problems during Ramadan can develop in otherwise healthy individuals and such patients could benefit from receiving advice on their diet.

August 17 and Food

August 16, 2009
I do to celebrate the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. One of the buffet with a variety of menu archipelago.

Warning that the independence of Indonesia on August 17 each fall. Carried out in various ways to celebrate the historic day. In most areas in the country, the independence of the title with various traditional games, such as race and climb pinang eat crackers that have become typical.

Little different in the major hotels in Jakarta. Take the example of JP Bistro Restaurant is located in the lobby Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta. Big day is the way the campaign program titled Food Festival? Indian Buffet Dinner. This program diadakan14? 19 August 2009.

During the latest campaign program is held, will food that is different every day. For example, on Friday (14 / 8) tomorrow, various dishes Bali origin.

The visitor with Makassar Buffet. On Sunday (16 / 8), turn the menu on Javanese Buffet held.

On August 17, JP Bistro Nusantara Buffet menu theme. Certainly derived from a number of regions in Indonesia. Menu nuances Betawi present on Tuesday (18 / 8), while on Wednesday (19 / 8) which is the last day of this promotion program, presented typical cuisine of West Sumatra.

"With the price Rp145.000 + + per person, visitors can enjoy all the archipelago's unique and delicious," said Regional Executive Chef Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta Stefan Hartmann.

Menus that tersaji later promised not to lose the quality and taste . "In this promo is a very important, and how all the food that is presented using healthy ingredients and best quality," supplement the chef .

One of the dishes which the menu is excellent tail balado. The menu is interesting because the tail is made using a very good quality. The other is no less unique and can treat people in the village longing page is best boiled noodles.

"All the menu will be presented in the form of a buffet, so that visitors can eat menu and select the desired free," said Stefan.

To get a taste typical local food which autentik, Aryaduta deliberately lower the kitchen team who each have the experience plus the knowledge of the traditional cuisine.

"If that day is the menu that appears Bali, for example, create a team of culinary chef who really skilled Balinese cuisine. Similarly to the cuisine, our chef will reduce the team that advanced to make the cuisine," said experienced international chef .

Meanwhile, Chief Operating Officer Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta Juergen Fischer, said that the promotion program held in the archipelago enliven HUT RI. For not many hotels in major cities in Indonesia that has a special restaurant menus archipelago.

"We give opportunities to the people of Indonesia who want to enjoy the archipelago is in the hotel. Fasilitas Our goal is," Juergen call.

Juergen adds, the archipelago, especially the traditional, actually have a market that is very big. Only, the type of menu is very rarely presented in the feasts large, especially in hotels.

"In addition to capturing the market, we also want to provide best dish for people who love the cuisine from various regions in Indonesia," accuse him.

In addition to the menus, JP Bistro will also spoil the visitor with a variety of tongue note that the meal is served in a variety of interesting and unique creations.

"On weekdays, we create many various dishes from different countries, such as Japan, Thailand, Middle. Each has its own unique. Later after the promo ends, visitors can still order the same menu with a la carte system," Juergen light.

To get a meal that really is, other than the process that must follow a number of stages which have been determined, the use of choice ingredients will also make any dish more quality feel.

"Most importantly, through this event, we want to re-develop the Indonesian food is very rarely found," he said.

In order to get the menu-delicious menu, which must be considered is the courage to make us know the ingredients and process.

Malnutrition of Food

August 09, 2009
The extremes of optimal health and death from starvation or malnutrition, there is an array of disease states that can be caused or alleviated by changes in diet. Deficiencies, excesses and imbalances in diet can produce negative impacts on health, which may lead to diseases such as scurvy, obesity or osteoporosis, as well as psychological and behavioral problems. The science of nutrition attempts to understand how and why specific dietary aspects influence health.

Nutrients in food are grouped into several categories. Macronutrients means fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Micronutrients are the minerals and vitamins. Additionally food contains water and dietary fiber.

Some countries list a legal definition of food. These countries list food as any item that is to be processed, partially processed or unprocessed for consumption. The listing of items included as foodstuffs include any substance, intended to be, or reasonably expected to be, ingested by humans. In addition to these foodstuffs, drink, chewing gum, water or other items processed into said food items are part of the legal definition of food. Items not included in the legal definition of food include animal feed, live animals unless being prepared for sale in a market, plants prior to harvesting, medicinal products, cosmetics, tobacco and tobacco products, narcotic or psychotropic substances, and residues and contaminants.

Food in Internet Cyber Space

August 07, 2009
Well, well, there has been quite a flurry of happenings in the food agglomeration of the cyber whosits. First of all, RecipeThing lauched. That was a seminal moment.

No, no, seriously. A few days ago whilst we all slept, Yahoo went live with "Yahoo Food." It is a very attractive site, and it appears to be highly informed by All Recipe's color palette even--this does look like a very collaborative venture. It's got vids and so forth. So that's quite a find, and probably a good move for Yahoo.

Thanks to Google Blogoscoped for their work on this. They did a mockup of what a Google-Food page would look like, and it advocates a trick that RecipeThing does, i.e. to let you put a recipe in your database.

Food Lovers Team has launched iTV Food and Wine Lovers channel. I'd like to ask for your recommendations on shows/videos to be included in the program.
Also, if you are a local chef and want to be interviewed on this channel let me know. We also do live streaming of local food and wine shows!

Look forward to reading your recommendations!

Mbah Surip last food

August 04, 2009
"Yesterday the last request ijo peanut porridge," said Cucu said, foster child Surip champion when journalists interviewed in Jalan Kampung Makassar, East Jakarta, on Tuesday (4/8/2009).

Cucu said many problems of daily life champion Surip before and after noise. Surip habits champion so far no changes. Just after the noise, the leader Surip little rest. Even miss sleep time up to three hours per day.

"He was always the story fun. Now I am top, rest three hours a day," continued Cucu.

After the noise, champion Surip are building a house in the village of Artists, Cipayung, East Jakarta. Even he is planning will occupy the house with other families.

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August 03, 2009
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Tasty fried chicken

August 01, 2009
Delicacy of fried chicken is delicious and the meat is soft. The secret lies in the water and techniques . Chicken with coconut and spices to make fried chicken this feel special. Fries do not forget the techniques deep frying or fry with a lot of oil, so that the chicken cooked evenly, and intricate yellow .

Tasty fried chicken

1 chickens, cut into ten parts
500 ml coconut water
3 cm ginger
2 cm ginger
1 tbsp coriander
2 cm turmeric
4 cloves garlic
1 tsp fine salt
oil to fry

How to Make:
1. All ingredients in a coconut, poke the average. Enter the chicken, in the refrigerator for 2 hours so that the flavor permeate.
2. Boil chicken seasoned with coconut water in a small fire. After the meat soft, lift.
2. Heat more oil, fry chicken until cooked and the yellow . lift. Serve warm with Chili paste and tomato .
For 5 portion

Tip: If you want the chicken to tenderize . Boil chicken seasoned with coconut water in saucepan for 20 minutes presto.

Fried Chicken Special

Fried Chicken Special
Source: NN

1 village chickens
1 packet yeast IM
1 stalk lemongrass
1 sheet bay
2 cm ginger
400 cc coconut milk
oil to fry

Subtle flavor
5 grains of red onion
3 cloves garlic
1 tsp coriander
4 grains candlenut
2 cm turmeric
2 cm ginger
1 / 2 tablespoon salt


1. Pin-pin chicken with fork, yeast 5 hours. Chicken with spices 1 hour longer.

2. Enter the chicken to the pan presto pour coconut milk. Add lemongrass, salam leaves and ginger. Cook for 1 hour.

3. Remove chicken from pan presto cool.

4. Fry until cooked.