August 17 and Food

August 16, 2009
I do to celebrate the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. One of the buffet with a variety of menu archipelago.

Warning that the independence of Indonesia on August 17 each fall. Carried out in various ways to celebrate the historic day. In most areas in the country, the independence of the title with various traditional games, such as race and climb pinang eat crackers that have become typical.

Little different in the major hotels in Jakarta. Take the example of JP Bistro Restaurant is located in the lobby Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta. Big day is the way the campaign program titled Food Festival? Indian Buffet Dinner. This program diadakan14? 19 August 2009.

During the latest campaign program is held, will food that is different every day. For example, on Friday (14 / 8) tomorrow, various dishes Bali origin.

The visitor with Makassar Buffet. On Sunday (16 / 8), turn the menu on Javanese Buffet held.

On August 17, JP Bistro Nusantara Buffet menu theme. Certainly derived from a number of regions in Indonesia. Menu nuances Betawi present on Tuesday (18 / 8), while on Wednesday (19 / 8) which is the last day of this promotion program, presented typical cuisine of West Sumatra.

"With the price Rp145.000 + + per person, visitors can enjoy all the archipelago's unique and delicious," said Regional Executive Chef Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta Stefan Hartmann.

Menus that tersaji later promised not to lose the quality and taste . "In this promo is a very important, and how all the food that is presented using healthy ingredients and best quality," supplement the chef .

One of the dishes which the menu is excellent tail balado. The menu is interesting because the tail is made using a very good quality. The other is no less unique and can treat people in the village longing page is best boiled noodles.

"All the menu will be presented in the form of a buffet, so that visitors can eat menu and select the desired free," said Stefan.

To get a taste typical local food which autentik, Aryaduta deliberately lower the kitchen team who each have the experience plus the knowledge of the traditional cuisine.

"If that day is the menu that appears Bali, for example, create a team of culinary chef who really skilled Balinese cuisine. Similarly to the cuisine, our chef will reduce the team that advanced to make the cuisine," said experienced international chef .

Meanwhile, Chief Operating Officer Aryaduta Hotel Jakarta Juergen Fischer, said that the promotion program held in the archipelago enliven HUT RI. For not many hotels in major cities in Indonesia that has a special restaurant menus archipelago.

"We give opportunities to the people of Indonesia who want to enjoy the archipelago is in the hotel. Fasilitas Our goal is," Juergen call.

Juergen adds, the archipelago, especially the traditional, actually have a market that is very big. Only, the type of menu is very rarely presented in the feasts large, especially in hotels.

"In addition to capturing the market, we also want to provide best dish for people who love the cuisine from various regions in Indonesia," accuse him.

In addition to the menus, JP Bistro will also spoil the visitor with a variety of tongue note that the meal is served in a variety of interesting and unique creations.

"On weekdays, we create many various dishes from different countries, such as Japan, Thailand, Middle. Each has its own unique. Later after the promo ends, visitors can still order the same menu with a la carte system," Juergen light.

To get a meal that really is, other than the process that must follow a number of stages which have been determined, the use of choice ingredients will also make any dish more quality feel.

"Most importantly, through this event, we want to re-develop the Indonesian food is very rarely found," he said.

In order to get the menu-delicious menu, which must be considered is the courage to make us know the ingredients and process.