Food in Internet Cyber Space

August 07, 2009
Well, well, there has been quite a flurry of happenings in the food agglomeration of the cyber whosits. First of all, RecipeThing lauched. That was a seminal moment.

No, no, seriously. A few days ago whilst we all slept, Yahoo went live with "Yahoo Food." It is a very attractive site, and it appears to be highly informed by All Recipe's color palette even--this does look like a very collaborative venture. It's got vids and so forth. So that's quite a find, and probably a good move for Yahoo.

Thanks to Google Blogoscoped for their work on this. They did a mockup of what a Google-Food page would look like, and it advocates a trick that RecipeThing does, i.e. to let you put a recipe in your database.

Food Lovers Team has launched iTV Food and Wine Lovers channel. I'd like to ask for your recommendations on shows/videos to be included in the program.
Also, if you are a local chef and want to be interviewed on this channel let me know. We also do live streaming of local food and wine shows!

Look forward to reading your recommendations!