During fasting and digestive disorder

September 11, 2009
Your ulcer recurrence when fasting? This condition can indeed happen. However, although more ulcers occur in those who did have a history of stomach upset, but you need to anticipate these health complaints.

According to science, ulcers that often appear during fast mostly due to two things, namely errors and how to eat the foods eaten at dawn and sunset.

During fasting, the digestive process did not take place as usual. That is why, the production of stomach acid continue to soar, especially if the breaking of dawn and you eat food or drink that stimulates the production of stomach acid. For example, caffeinated drinks (coffee, chocolate, and soda).

To get around this digestive disorder, you should:
- Eat just in time, do not intentionally delayed or slowed. We begin by breaking the food to taste sweet, it is important to normalize blood sugar levels in the body.

- Do not just eat food 'big' (rice and side dishes). Instead, wait about an hour before you eat 'big', so that blood sugar levels and body fluids back into normal position.

- Expand the consumption of foods containing fiber at dawn, so that the emptying of the stomach 'walk' more slowly.