Fasting Gods gift with Food

September 07, 2009
Who fasts?
Let's start with dogs and cats. Have you ever seen an injured animal? What do they do? They do not eat, they just lay there. Do they know something we do not know? They usually regain there health rapidly.

Why fast?
There are a number of reasons. In this example with animals it is just natural for them, natures way. When they quit eating solid food, this shuts down there digestive tract. The digestive tract uses up about half of the bodies energy. When you shut this process off your body has twice the energy to put into repairing physical damage or any abnormalities in the body. The body focuses it's energy on repairing any damage including cancer cells, anything that needs fixing.

Will I be hungry?
I am the type of person who gets a headache when I even think I'm going to be late eating. At the time of writing this I have done an eight day juice fast. To my surprise I did not get a headache or feel any hunger what so ever. This is not to say that others might go through a number of different things. Later in this article I will discuss why you might go through discomfort or provide links to further information for your discernment.

Juice fast?
Juice fasting is the most popular way of fasting these days. The older water fast is really not good for long periods. Water is not what it used to be and there are so many more toxin's in the body today. For a juice fast you want juice with no pulp, you do not want to be processing solids. You can use store bought juices but because these are all processed, Example "pasteurized at high temperatures" a lot of the goodness is gone. If we were meant to ingest stuff like this wouldn't it grow naturally.

Fresh made juice from a juicing machine would be the best thing. Fresh juice from nature to the body is the way we were meant to eat. Fresh juice contains enzymes and other genetic material that your body really likes. I was having 3 eight once glasses a day. Fruit juice in the morning, vegetable juice for lunch and diner. In general apple and tomatoe juice mix well with other fruits and vegetables. On there own they can be strong and you can dilute them with water. Also you can drink as much water as you would like. Your body needs at least 8 glasses normally so you will probably be drinking even more than that.

Besides the body being mostly water and needing water all this water helps to flush toxins from your body. Besides toxins being flushed through your urine, they will come through your skin also. This can cause eruptions in the skin such as pimples and blisters. This depends a lot on the amount of toxic waste built up in your body. As you further research fasting you will find that you can clean your colon after 3-4 days to help clean out crud and help the detoxification process. It depends a lot on why you are fasting in the first place. If you are just doing a cleansing fast of a few days you might not do a colon cleaning.