Food after Lebaran

September 29, 2009
When Lebaran, there were many changes in diet and activity. Various dishes are presented, generally high cholesterol and fat. "It should be noted is the fat intake. Most of the fat will raise cholesterol levels, trigliseride and narrowing of blood vessels. As a result, blood flow less smoothly. This can trigger heart disease, "Dr. Aulia Syawal Clearly SpJP to Sripo some time ago when the cardiologist in Palembang.

The sidelines of a big meal, to eat fruit or snack. "If eating every three hours is usually no problem. Lebaran even including the time. "The problem is, those who are regularly eating every three hours, would not be eating too much. You see, her stomach is never completely empty. While those who do not follow the diet three hours, usually eat too much when your stomach is empty.
Perform Stretching

In terms of fitness, after Lebaran stomach usually filled foods relatively awake condition, now a bit chaotic. If the condition of the body down and get food that is relatively less healthy, would be easy to attack the disease. "To stay fit, you should plan carefully Lebaran. Especially for the forth. Especially, if going home with a private vehicle, "said Dr. Irvanuddin SpKO the Science Studies Program FK Unsri Sports Medicine.

When back around, usually on the streets congestion, especially those with private vehicles or public buses. As a result, the journey can take 10 hours or even more. "Keep trying to eat every 3 hours. While drinking, should not once more. A little but often. Eg 100-150 cc every half hour. This makes us not have too often given the difficulty of seeking pee urinal in the journey.

From the physical aspect, "often better to do stretching in a vehicle. Minimum of 2 hours once to avoid the rigidity of the muscles and joints. If it had come down from the vehicle, the better. "I can jog a minute or stretching. Because the blood must flow smoothly from the bottom up. "There are a lot of stretching model. "Think of it like stretching on a chair. So, starting the neck muscles to leg muscles, including the hands, driven. "

To stretch my legs for too long the clutch, for example, do stand-squat movement. "The goal of stretching is that muscles are not rigid. Essentially, muscles tensed and then , the left side and right side, "said Irvan. Make a count of 10 to one side, then count to 10 the other side, could be a set or two sets.

If fitness continue to be maintained, although the food was not too awake for back forth, actually there is no problem.