Lebaran Food and diarrhea

September 27, 2009
Several types of diseases that may arise during Lebaran of diarrhea, and also the possibility of food poisoning. both types of disease caused by dietary changes encouraged to eat all kinds of foods available during the celebration of Idul Fitri holidays, a month after the month of fasting.

"The desire to eat so much that sometimes they do not notice the cleanliness of the food.

In addition, disease upper respiratory infections (ARI) are also still need to watch out for, given the weather is very hot and stinging in the day, and cold in the morning.

"As usual, respiratory infection including influenza has always been a disease that is often experienced by people.

However, he said, people do not have to worry about the supply of drugs for various diseases that often appear on the day of Lebaran.

"The drugs for the disease is always available because it involves groups of essential drugs.