Hand Held Impulse sealers

October 10, 2009
Hand Held Impulse sealers are ideal for sealing polyethylene and laminated foils. Applications include sealing around oddly shaped products including drum or box liners or for sealing around large objects such as furniture.
Each sealer is lightweight and portable. The operator simply squeezes the handles to open the jaws and clamps on to the film being sealed. A start button located on the seal jaw is activated. An indicator light on the main housing signals the start and finish of the seal cycle.

The heat cycle is controlled by a timer on the main housing. The operator simply increases or decreases the heat as desired. Upon completion of the cycle, the operator again squeezes the jaw, releasing the sealed product. All controls are solid state. An eight foot power line cord and eight foot sealer cord is standard.

Options include flat band elements (1/8, 3/16, ¼ or ½ inch), wire cut elements, or a cold cut wire. A 220 Volt option is also available. Each unit comes complete with a two-year warranty, detailed operating instructions, and a spare parts kit.