Jambi earthquake and Food

October 03, 2009
Gedang Lolo village in Gunung Raya district, or about 40 km from the capital of Kerinci, Jambi was the worst location when an earthquake measuring 7.0 on Richter Scale (SR), Thursday (1 / 10) rocked the area of Jambi.

Until Friday (2 / 10), residents who fled the earthquake victims from the village looks still very traumatized and has not dared
home. In some places in the village of Lolo Gedang visible ruins walls and even houses were three old wooden houses have tilted too because the foundation was broken by the great earthquake vibrations.

"We have not dared to go home and still want to sleep in emergency tents in front of the house," said Bakri, residents whose homes were severely damaged in the village.

He said that when the quake occurred at around 08.45 pm people have gone to the fields and rice paddies, so do not take casualties.

Posko Village Chief Judge Lolo Gedang residents said the number of damaged homes in two neighboring villages that the Village and Lolo Gedang Kerun village of 202 units.

He explained, Kerun house in the village was severely damaged and 35 slightly damaged fruit 50 fruit, while damage in the village there Gedang Lolo totally destroyed 50 houses and 51 houses slightly damaged.

In addition, he said, Kingdom of Jabal Nur Mosque was completely destroyed, a severely damaged musala, buildings elementary, junior and senior high schools each were heavily damaged and forced the children canceled.

Jambi specialty is already hard to find. One of the surviving sold is Mr. Ahmad Asbi (51 th). Already in the 70s he was selling food.

Burgo is made from a mixture of rice flour and sago. "Usually I use sago farmers," he explained.

The dough is then a kind of omelette made a rather thick, then rolled lengthwise. Dimulut chewy taste. How to serve, burgo short cut, then poured the creamy coconut milk and a sprinkling of fried onions.

Coconut milk broth made from shrimp and fish. The day he was able to sell up to 50 servings burgo. Menu is the fastest out on the stall that is simple enough that he called, "Sudi Mampir".

It is also available rice fat. This is rice cooked with coconut milk, like rice uduk in Jakarta. Friends eating, fried anchovy, suwiran scrambled eggs, crackers, fried peanuts, and chili sauce. Well, it feels special sauce, chili sauce like a tasty sweet. Made from tomatoes, red peppers, brown sugar, white sugar, and flavor. Everything is cooked for 1 hour until blackened.

Want to find a more unique? Try, lontong typical jambi jackfruit gravy with coconut milk. Or traditional cakes such as sponge kojo Jambi, cakes mortar, pilgrimage turban (made from glutinous rice and rice flour), sweet martabak, Risoles, until pempek. All meals heavy appreciated USD. 2500 per serving. While various cakes and fried just Rp. 500 only per fruit.

Mr. Ahmad sales locations located in Tanjung Pinang, Pendawa. Most of the people of Jambi to know this shop. But you must come early morning to get it because the shop is open only from 6 am until 9 o'clock in the morning. If late, it will run out.