Rendang Food and earthquake Padang Sumatera

October 02, 2009
An earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale that shook Pariaman, West Sumatra, Wednesday (30 / 9) evening, residents also felt in Medan, North Sumatra. Like the Sun Plaza shopping center in Jalan Zainul Arifin. Hundreds of visitors who were inside the building flew straight away to save themselves.

Similar conditions were also seen in the office complex of Bank Danamon, Jalan Diponegoro. A number of workers was panicked and ran out of the building despite the ongoing activities of the office. According to a bank employee, although the quake only lasted for about 6 seconds, the vibration is felt. Worried that aftershocks, they are generally active in selected home-rise building more quickly.

Rendang, but identical with the city of Padang, is a MANDATORY menu in the restaurant in Padang. There's no way a Padang restaurant did not serve rendang menu.

Cooking rendang has the basic ingredients beef, will keep some rendang meat dishes there that use goat meat, although very rare, except rendang is homemade. Chances are rare rendang dish using goat meat as beef rendang is a must hold for days, while meat goats can not survive long enough.

In some rendang dishes, sometimes seen with other materials, including: - Potatoes. There are accompanied by a potato rendang. Usually used potatoes are small potatoes, with a diameter of no more than 2-3 cm. Just as rendang, also potatoes and mixed and processed in such a way with rendang spices, so that the aroma and taste rendang spices will seep into it.

* Kidney beans. In cooking rendang homemade, red beans sometimes replace potatoes to accompany rendang. Perhaps it sounds and feels a little strange at first try, but for those who've used it will become addicted.

In general, rendang is a spicy taste, but if it is a desert diner menu, depending on the level of sharpness eat homeowners policy. If you've been to Padang or rendang taste created by the people of Padang 'original', you will feel the difference with the rendang is sold at the restaurant in Padang. In addition to the more flavor permeates rendang, spicy taste will be more felt. Another thing is the other material encountered, as written above.

Rendang has uniqueness. The longer the rendang, it will be more comfortable. It means if you make rendang on Monday and did not run out, you do not need to fear rendang will be rotten. Simply re cooked (heated), no need to add more seasoning, then serve again in the next days. So think rendang spices will increasingly absorb into the meat. Flesh becomes a problem (too) hard, it means you have to use the best quality meat ... do not blame the meat.