2012 Movie Review: Places and Foods

November 24, 2009
I was told about the movie by my younger brother, I didn’t really bother, until I watched the teaser trailer. I thought it was too much. Yet, when I received the emails about the actual events leading to 2012, it was no teaser or joke.

My failed attempt getting 2012 premier tickets thru my contacts, clients and friends, had made me miserable for weeks. Luckily, a good blogger friend offered me premier tickets that I would never refuse. She is such a charmer, only missing the lights on her head and wings on her back.

The movie started well, when a scientist realized the upcoming problems leading to 2012. Such events are real scientific proven events that did gave me some goose bumps. The unstable condition of the sun leads to unprecedented activities beneath earth. Also, the super accurate Mayan calendar that predicted the event that will be happening on 2012. Not to mention the prediction of I-Ching, Bible and so on.

So then the movie then continued to the understanding of world leaders upon such event. In secrecy they made a master plan. As the deadline becomes nearer the story shifted to the family of John Cusack. He a divorced father decided to bring his kids to the Yellow stone park turned to an adventure they would live for.

I would stop here and you all should watch the rest.

The movie effects were out of the world. It was amazingly well done. Story flow was very good and it was much better than “Day After Tomorrow” and Transformers 2. Even though the movie was more than 2 hrs, it was well made.