Gus Dur Wafat

December 30, 2009
Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun. Mantan Presiden Abdulrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) meninggal karena sakit di RSCM Jakarta, Rabu pukul 18.45 WIB, menurut Sekretaris Pribadi Gus Dur Sulaeman.

Sebelumnya, Juru Bicara Kepresidenan Julian Pasha kepada wartawan di Istana Presiden, Jakarta, Rabu malam, mengatakan, saat ini Presiden Yudhoyono telah memanggil Wapres Boediono dan sejumlah menteri terkait, antara lain Menkes Endang Sedyadingsih untuk membahas rencana lebih lanjut terkait kondisi mantan presiden yang akrab disapa Gus Dur itu.

"Presiden masih menunggu keterangan resmi dari pihak RSCM dan tim dokter untuk memastikan kondisi Gus Dur," kata Julian.

Dia menambahkan, setelah ada kepastian dan keterangan dari RSCM dan Tim Dokter Kepresidenan, barulah Presiden Yudhoyono akan menyampaikan keterangan pers dan diperkirakan keterangan pers akan disampaikan pada pukul 21.00 WIB di Istana Kepresidenan.

Julian menambahkan, Pesiden memanggil sejumlah menteri untuk membahas prosedur kenegaraan terkait status kesehatan dan kondisi Gus Dur.

Sebelumnya, pada pukul 18.30 WIB, Presiden Yudhoyono menjenguk Gus Dur di RSCM dan berada di rumah sakit itu sekitar 30 menit. Pada pukul 19.00 WIB usai menjenguk Gus Dur, Presiden langsung kembali ke Istana.

Mantan Ketua Umum Pengurus Besar Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) ini dirawat di Ruang VVIP Nomor 116 Gedung A RSCM. Sebelum dirawat di RSCM Jakarta, Gus Dur sempat menjalani perawatan medis di RS Jombang Jawa Timur, pada Kamis (24/12/2009), karena kelelahan setelah melakukan kunjungan ke beberapa pondok pesantren di Jawa Timur.

Soy beans

December 08, 2009

Soaked Soy beans
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Printing Business

December 03, 2009
Printing experienced in the field of printing, serving a variety of printing needs such as: brochures, booklets, catalogs, flyers, leaflets, books, folders, notes, letterhead, business cards and so forth.

Cheap Prices and Qualitas Prima, is our main priority in fulfilling
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Brochure Full Colors, A4, Art Paper 120 g, 1000 pcs hanya@Rp.800 print 1 side, --
Brochure Full Colors, A4, Art Paper 120 g, 1000 pcs hanya@Rp.900 printed 2 sides, --
Full Name Card Colors, Art Carton, Box 30 Printed 2 sides hanya@Rp.30.000, --

Brochures, Business Card, letterhead, envelope or note.
If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Batik Shop

At the heart of the Indonesian Batik.

Yogyakarta the capital city of the most powerful and respected Kingdom of Java, is also at the heart of the Batik art.

All the old Traditions and customs are observed, as well as in Solo, and one can still find many symbols that are related to Hindu-Javanese culture.

The combination of motifs in Yogya batik is unique, and there is a tendency to combine a number of large geometric motifs.

The Grompol motif is a distinctively Yogya design customarily used for wedding ceremonies. Grompol, which means gather together symbolizes the coming together of all goods things, such as luck, happiness, children, and harmonious married life.

The Nitik motif is found in great numbers in this area. During a colonial annual fair (Jaarbeurs) during the Dutch period, a batik producer gave the name Nitik Jaarbeurs to a motif which received an award.

Software business

egally established business in 2002 by alumni ITB. Starting from the development of a number of small software, now we can provide more varied services which include integrated software development, training, and also the development of computer networks. All of these services still refer to the information technology field.

Smart Mark Reader is a software that is used to treat LJK (Student Worksheet) with a clever way.

Processing software is capable of processing LJK LJK with normal HVS paper size A4/A5 or school 1/2A4 suit. Not only that, schools can also create their own master HVS LJK on paper that can be reproduced with normal copies photographs. Thus, there is no dependency school with paper vendors such generality LJK happened so far.

Scanner that can be used vary and use a lot of image scanners are on the market (HP / Canon / Fujitsu). Therefore, LJK scanners are no longer just for the scanner LJK but can also be optimized for ordinary scanner. With the scanner capability of at least 400 sheets / hour up to 1600 sheets / hour (depending on type), officers no longer need to bother, just put a pile and let the students LJK scanner read (auto feeder). No need to wait ... and do not need overtime again. Another specialty is the ability to read LJK on his side to 360 degrees. With special markers, their side will be processed and recognized the top left with ease.

Kacang Medan Snack

December 01, 2009

Premium product

Rp. 3.500,- for 50 gr