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April 23, 2010

Gadung Chips
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April 16, 2010

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Rosella extract

Rosella Tea

April 13, 2010
Rosella plant has more than 300 species scattered in tropical and non tropical areas. Usually, used as an ornamental plant and some of them believed to have medical , one of them is red rosella (Hibiscus sabdariffa).

In the year 2006, conducted research on the medical benefits of red rosella(Hibiscus sabdariffa) and obtained results are 1.7 mmmol / prolox antioxidants. The amount is more than the cat's whiskers are clinically proven antioxidant shed kidney stones.

Rosella or TEA RED TEA known by various names: Rosella tea, Hibiscus tea, Mecca Tea, Tea Yemen. Also called Karkade (Arabic), Kezeru (Japan), Merambos Green (Central Java), Asam kesur (Meranjat), Kesew Jawe (Pagar Alam), Asam Jarot (Sp. Padang), Asam Rejang (Muara Enim) and Hisbiscus sabdariffa L. (Latin). Rosella tea benefits:

* Nature detoxify, neutralize poison
* Lowers blood pressure
* Lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics
* Inhibit the growth of cancer
* Maintain your stamina
* Lowers blood cholesterol
* Balancing weight
* Reduce the heat and hard CHAPTER
* Reducing the fat in the liver clotting
* Reduces headaches / migraine
* Contains multivitamins, including vit.C and Beta carotene
* Helps to recover from drug addiction

Tamarilo Syrup: New Age of Juice

April 11, 2010
Tamarilo Sly called eggplants or aubergines Netherlands not so well known. In fact, this fruit berprotensi enough to be used as processed food products, such as making syrup and butter that tastes enak.Selain it, Tamarillo fruit has several properties for our body include preventing canker sores, increase vitality, relieve aches and rheumatic pain.

Tamarillo syrup

The materials used to make syrup Tamarillo manufacturing process is quite simple and easy. Materials used include Tamarillo fruit as much as 1 kg, ½ kg of sugar and 4 cups water.

Tamarillo syrup-making process include:
1) Fruit Tamarillo wash until clean and then split into two
section. Then shaved this fruit
and take the flesh. Try not to get out
2) Meat fruits are boiled together with 4 ½ cups water and sugar
sand in pots email. At the time of delivery of cane sugar,
make sure sugar is not poured given
at once, but bit by third materials
above the fire which is not too hot during
about 1 hour.
3) If it is felt enough, then pick up the materials
has become a syrup which was in panic, and filtered
well. After the cold had put in a bottle
sterile. Furthermore, Tamarillo syrup is ready to serve.

Food packaging

April 06, 2010
We know packaging bottles and plastic cups all the time is widely used for beverages. Lots of variety, no fruit juices, jelly drinks, nata de coco, soft drinks, juice, milk, soy etc., many of the principal manifold. Because I'm practicing to package juice and juice drinks in bottles and plastic cups, should use this type of glass / cup heat resistant, this because the products packaging must be included in hot conditions (hot filling), not to mention at the end of the process There are also heat sterilization of packaging materials requiring resistance to high temperature. Type of heat resistant plastic materials and beverages as safe to pack this type of plastic called the PP (Poly Propelen).

Further discussion about the types of plastics for packaging this, I discuss the next meeting ... .. Then, how to charge and controls also must be very important to be known.

Food and beverage business

April 05, 2010
Many people say that the food and beverage business is always required. Each person would need energy, nutrients, vitamins and minerals as needed activities that fit their lives.
Shall we be more specific on the fruit juice business then we will realize how important fruits for your health as vitamins and fiber intake even antioxidants. Will relish the fruit from among the commoners until the people rich, fruit vendors proved to have fixed the road edge customers, as well as an upper middle class.

So, the fruit has become a necessity, just how diverse forms of presentation ranging from fresh fruit, canned fruit, fruit juice or even pickled candied fruit. Especially in the upper middle class, taking consciousness into this part of the fruit epidermis life plan, why is that? Many of the women and even men realize the importance of eating a combination of patterns (food cobining), so eating fruit or drinking juice in a planned and organized to be part of their healthy life.

Forward healthy lifestyles by eating the fruit will be good to increase public awareness because of the formal and non formal education they receive. Thus, virtually fruit business in the form of fresh fruit and juices have continuity.

More specifically we see in big cities with the flurry of business activity businessmen and professionals have limited time to enjoy a variety of fruits and many different ways to consume different. If you entered the hypermarket to minimarkets, must not escape from the displays of fruit juices with different brands and types, or flavors. Fruit juice brands vary locally or imported, with the advantages of each.

Apparently among the middle-to upper drinking fruit juice to be part of their lifestyle. Only need to be observed whether the 100% juice from fresh fruit or concentrate with additional composition until preservatives, sugar and coloring of a qualified health and food safety.

This determines the purity of their own fruit juice and vitamins and fiber content. Ease of fruit juice consumed in a variety of packaging shapes and sizes made of fruit juice consumers interested in their activities. Every mall, restaurant or cafe they are not immune to provide fruit juice. Here seemed a healthy lifestyle, practical and food safety will drive market growth.

Sukun Chips

April 02, 2010