Tamarilo Syrup: New Age of Juice

April 11, 2010
Tamarilo Sly called eggplants or aubergines Netherlands not so well known. In fact, this fruit berprotensi enough to be used as processed food products, such as making syrup and butter that tastes enak.Selain it, Tamarillo fruit has several properties for our body include preventing canker sores, increase vitality, relieve aches and rheumatic pain.

Tamarillo syrup

The materials used to make syrup Tamarillo manufacturing process is quite simple and easy. Materials used include Tamarillo fruit as much as 1 kg, ½ kg of sugar and 4 cups water.

Tamarillo syrup-making process include:
1) Fruit Tamarillo wash until clean and then split into two
section. Then shaved this fruit
and take the flesh. Try not to get out
2) Meat fruits are boiled together with 4 ½ cups water and sugar
sand in pots email. At the time of delivery of cane sugar,
make sure sugar is not poured given
at once, but bit by third materials
above the fire which is not too hot during
about 1 hour.
3) If it is felt enough, then pick up the materials
has become a syrup which was in panic, and filtered
well. After the cold had put in a bottle
sterile. Furthermore, Tamarillo syrup is ready to serve.