Chips Bussiness

November 21, 2010
Did you know that fruits and vegetables around you can bring in income if you do well though. Fruits and vegetables that I mean among other things: jackfruit, pineapple, apples, carrots, salak, mango, melon, pumpkin / squash, papaya, eggplant, beans, long beans, cucumber, oyster mushrooms, etc.. By using certain equipment, fruit and vegetables that LESS VALUE, it can become commodities with high sales value.

Business opportunities snacks of fruit and vegetable chips is wide open for you. Moreover, Indonesia is one of the fruit-producing countries that diverse.

The ease and benefits of these business opportunities can you see from some of the following facts:

* Raw materials are easy to obtain
* Benefits can reach 100%. The selling price of chips, fruit reached Rp 65.000 - Rp 110,000 / kg
* Turn the capital quickly (4-6 months)
* The market is wide open, even very large export opportunities
* Machine can be used for frying a variety of fruit and other ingredients
* The process of production and business management are very easy

How do I start a business of fruit crisps and vegetable crisps this?

To start a business is very easy snacks. Indeed, the initial capital needed to buy engine, namely vacuum frying machine / vacuum Fryer. With this machine, you can simply start a business with a simple fruit crisps.