Purple sweet potatoes

December 08, 2010
Lost seven family members to cancer makes Adi Kharisma challenged to find solutions to cancer prevention. In 2006, he found a sweet purple natural fiber and high levels of anthocyanins to absorb toxins as well as killing cancer cells.

Adi did not save his own findings. He is cultivating a variety of foods from purple sweet potatoes for sale in the form of interest such as ice cream, burgers, broil, until the dumplings. Because of its findings, the 51-year-old man was often a speaker seminars and international conferences on healthy foods including in Italy, Japan, and Chile.

Processed cassava food outlets are also scattered in Jakarta and Bali. Certainly healthy, it feels? Apparently, many people who enjoyed this purple sweet it tastes sweet. Create maintain quality , Adi grow their own seeds of Japanese sweet potatoes in an area of one hectare in area Badung, Bali.

Although the world has received international recognition, Adi just hope purple sweet potatoes have a place in the country. So that more people who feel the benefits of sweet potatoes, Adi plans to open stores in Japan and America.