Benefits and Efficacy of Dates

July 31, 2011
Dates, whether or ruthab Tamr can calm nerve cells through its influence on the thyroid. Therefore, doctors recommend giving a few dates in the morning to the children and the elderly, in order to better mental state.

Dates are highly recommended as food for iftar. There are things that have been defined in the field of medicine that the sugar and water is the first time that people need to hold fast after a period of eating and drinking. Reduced glucose (sugars) in the body can lead to constriction of the chest and disorders of the bones. On the other hand, the reduced water can weaken and reduce endurance. This is different from the people fasted immediately fill his stomach with food and drink when breaking the fast. Though he takes three hours or more so that digestion can absorb these sugars. Therefore, people who eat food and drink when iftar can still feel the phenomenon of weakness and disorder, physical disorder caused by lack of sugars and water.

Date palm fruit is rich in substances that neutralize acidic mineral salts, such as Calcium and Potassium. Dates are the best foods to neutralize existing acid in the stomach due to leave the rest to be able to neutralize the acid after chewed and digested arising from consuming protein such as fish and eggs.

Start a Snack Business

July 23, 2011
Determine your source of snacks. Honor Snacks are small packages of brand-name products, including salty choices, such as chips and pretzels, and candy, gum and breath mints. Snacks usually are priced the same amount, generally about 75 cents to $1, with a big mark-up for profit. Wholesale snack providers are a good source; discount retailers are, too. You can customized snack packs for various market preferences.
Find your corporate customers. Armed with some gift snacks, an actual snack box, a money canister and your promotional literature, make an appointment with the office manager. You'll need a contact within the company to watch the money canister and the snacks themselves.
Identify an office building with a number of small businesses. You'll want to make your route runs efficient, so it's better to have a single high-rise with multiple companies than businesses spread out all over the city.