Start a Snack Business

July 23, 2011
Determine your source of snacks. Honor Snacks are small packages of brand-name products, including salty choices, such as chips and pretzels, and candy, gum and breath mints. Snacks usually are priced the same amount, generally about 75 cents to $1, with a big mark-up for profit. Wholesale snack providers are a good source; discount retailers are, too. You can customized snack packs for various market preferences.
Find your corporate customers. Armed with some gift snacks, an actual snack box, a money canister and your promotional literature, make an appointment with the office manager. You'll need a contact within the company to watch the money canister and the snacks themselves.
Identify an office building with a number of small businesses. You'll want to make your route runs efficient, so it's better to have a single high-rise with multiple companies than businesses spread out all over the city.